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ZNEO Processor Module

This is an experimental CPU upgrade module for Z20X with the ZiLOG’s 16-bit ZNEO processor. More information about ZNEO can be found on its website.

Unlike the default eZ80 module, ZNEO has a very different pinout, lacks an internal real-time clock, and addresses only linear memory without separate I/O space. The PCB for the module is a more complex 38.6 x 38.6mm (approximately 1.5” x 1.5”) 4-layer PCB that also accommodates several passive components (0805 size) and an additional external RTC connected on the I2C bus. And of course it also includes the four 26-way dual row headers on the bottom side for connection with the main board.



Full Manufacturing Pack for the ZNEO CPU module includes the Gerber files and BOM, and also a 3D Step file, can be downloaded and sent to a PCB factory for production. The internal schematic is also available as a separate PDF file.