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The Enclosure consists of front and back panels, and an optional stand. The .STL files are provided for 3D printing.

The front panel has two options depending on the way the legend characters are presented – embossed or engraved. Only one of the two (subject to one’s personal choice) is required for an enclosure.



Embossed option


Engraved option


The front panel hosts four holed stumps for self-threading M3 screws. The assembly procedure is as follows:

1.  The front panel is put upside down and the LCD panel is installed and held in place by four M3/M3 Male-Female threaded hexagonal spacers with 11mm height as the one in the picture below.



2.  The main board is connected to the LCD and placed on top of the spacers (without screws).

3.  The back panel is placed and secured onto the hexagonal spacers with four M3 screws with length 3-6mm.



Back panel


Optional stand



The enclosure has a rounded bottom in order to lift the assembly up by a little thus increasing the tilt angle of the display while keeping the centre of gravity as low as possible. Of course, it assumes that an Expander board will be connected on the back of the main board and serving as support to keep the display in vertical position.

The optional stand can be used to lift the assembly even further up (by two possible heights) in order to tilt the display further back.





The design of this enclosure was donated by an engineer with knowledge in mechanical design (which I don’t have), completely out of good will for the project. Special thanks for that!